Friday, March 31, 2006


So as I mentioned before there are perks to working @ Compusa. One on my personal favorites is new releases. I'm talking about DVD's. Several times a month usually 2 weeks before the release dates we get new DVD's! Movies like "Capote", "Good night and good luck", "King Kong", etc. And as it just so happens we use a computer with a DVD burner in our receiving process....
*Winks ; ). I tell ya since i started working there i haven't paid for a DVD in months. Plus all of the blank dvds i use are store funded so... really... compusa is paying for my dvd collection lol
great isn't? Yeah if i knew how to use bittorrent better ( and if my neighbor had better wifi bandwidth) i would start a bittorrent tracker : P But something tells me that that is stepping over the line. Weird Huh? That my conscience will allow me to "technically" steal copies of new releases from my employer and yet wont allow me to share them with others?
weird... To me at least ....



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